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The elders have determined that it is safe and appropriate to begin assembling for worship at the building again. For the remainder of May, we will have two Sunday morning assemblies; one at 9 AM and the other at 11 AM. Precautions will be taken to ensure safety and distancing. Visitors are welcomed at either assembly.

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The Summarization of the Law

Perhaps you have heard this number repeated when speaking about things related to the Word of God: 613. A man named Rambam, a medieval Jewish scholar calculated that all of the laws contained in the first five books of the Old Testament were 613 in total. 613 is a large and daunting number to remember, however, there are certain phrases within the entirety of the Old Testament that can be used as a summary of all 613 laws. For instance,…
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Let’s Talk About Race

The greatest appeasement for racial tension and correction for social oppression is found in Jesus and His gospel. Then why, as His church, are we not making a greater difference? I suppose the complete answer is too complicated for one post, but I would offer three suggestions. Why are we failing? How can we do better? Here is some food for thought… We must remember that we are Christians first, but we are not Christians only. Neither our skin color…
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“Why Did God Have to be so Graphic?”

(Eze. 16:1-43; 23:1-35) The book of Ezekiel is personally one of my favorite books of the Bible. God through Ezekiel paints descriptive and often strange pictures through Ezekiel as He condemns the “rebellious house” of Israel (2:5). However, oftentimes this book that spans 48 chapters goes overlooked and unnoticed by the Lord’s Church. So, because that is true, you perhaps might not know that there are sections within the book of Ezekiel that some folks may not be comfortable repeating.…
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What If I Am Wrong?

Have you had a political discussion with anyone lately? Was it a discussion of differing viewpoints and disagreement? If so, you have probably witnessed and even participated in one of the most futile activities in human history. Ok, maybe that is a dramatic assessment. But it is safe to say that most enter such discussions with their viewpoint anchored in concrete and nothing short of dynamite could lose them from their starting point. This personal steadfastness on political issues does…