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May 6-11

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Reaching the Stoics

From the 4th century BC, Athens had been the cultural center of the western world. Many classical philosophers started schools in Athens, including Zeno, the father of Stoicism. Born in 342 BC, Zeno arrived in Athens about 313, and taught in the Stoá Poikílē or painted porch of Athens (Stoic is derived from stoa, Greek for porch). By 294, Zeno had established the school of the Stoics. In the 2nd century BC, stoicism was carried to Rome by Panætius of…

Reaching the Epicureans

Philosophy is the love of wisdom. As Christians, we sometimes view philosophy as a tool of the devil. In fact, Paul urged, “See to it that no one takes you captive by philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the world, and not according to Christ.” (Col 2:8). However, such a simplistic dismissal of philosophy is foolish. Understanding the basics of philosophy helps us better understand the Bible and the culture out of…

What is the Gospel?

In most modern cultures, the idea of “gospel” has become broad, fuzzy, and vague. As Christians set out to evangelize, they will quickly run into the confusion surround this concept. How can the idea of the gospel be refined to present a clearer understanding of its theological impact. The confusion derives from its use more than its definition. Gospel (euangelion) was used in classical Greek to refer to good news or the reward to the bearer of good news. For…

Cosmetology in the Church

Fraternal clubs like the Lions and the I.O.O.F. support our community with societal development and personal interaction. These organizations are about people helping people and working for a common goal. Each has its own organizational structures, charters, and guidelines to avoid becoming inconsequential through chaos and anarchy. Was God’s church designed without similar organizational structure? God told the church to save the world, build up Christians, and care for the impoverished and oppressed. Nothing in history has more riding on…