Focal Point

After much prayer and planning, we have decided to proceed with plans for this year’s workshop. Focal Point will be May 1-6.

You are welcome here.

Join us Sunday when we meet for worship at 10am (with some distancing procedures still in place). There will also be an auditorium Bible class offered at 5pm on Sundays and 7:15pm on Wednesdays.

We’ve saved you a seat.


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We welcome you to visit this Sunday…

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The House of The Lord

People often travel to faraway places and visit the ruins of kingdoms and empires that once were. But imagine witnessing ancient Egypt during the age of the Pharaohs or walking through the city of ancient Babylon during the days of Nebuchadnezzar. Even more awe-inspiring would be attending the gladiatorial games at the Colosseum or the chariot races at the Circus Maximus. Or what could com-pare to witnessing the grandeur of Trajan’s Forum with its shops, vendors, library, law courts, and…

Close Yet Distant

Upon reading the title for this, you may be wondering “what does this even mean?” It may be confusing, but it does convey the message I want to get across this week. Although growing up in the city, for a short time Chloe and I lived in a small town (something new and difficult for both of us). The term “culture shock” is often experienced by those who move from an urban area to a more rural one or vice…

Preaching With Patience

What makes a preacher? Is it his clever outlines? Is it his “preacher” voice? Is it his intimidating presence in the pulpit? Is it his vast library or his years of experience? Most of us would agree that the previous questions are somewhat superficial and that these things do not truly identify what makes a preacher a preacher. However, the idea expressed in our title (no matter how Biblical it is), is not usually considered the measure of a preacher…

God’s Expectations of Humanity

The topic of pride and humility is often drawn out in just about every book of the Bible. Theses adjectives are typically associated with certain individuals. Depending on the character, this characteristic may be the only trait that some people know them for. One thing that can be noted concerning these two attributes is that they can either lead to someone’s demise or success. They are contrasting characteristics. With that being said, Saul and David are two examples of these…