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What If I Am Wrong?

Have you had a political discussion with anyone lately? Was it a discussion of differing viewpoints and disagreement? If so, you have probably witnessed and even participated in one of the most futile activities in human history. Ok, maybe that is a dramatic assessment. But it is safe to say that most enter such discussions with their viewpoint anchored in concrete and nothing short of dynamite could lose them from their starting point. This personal steadfastness on political issues does…
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A Faith That Restrains

It might be hard to imagine one of the greatest heroes of faith in flight mode. Furthermore, it might seem impossible to find evidence of faith when he was on the run. Do the faithful retreat? Do those living by faith ever fear? Can you possess and demonstrate faith when you are not victorious? These unanswered questions and these supposed impossibilities are cleared up in the life of David. Yes, the giant slayer ran away for safety. Despite his exaggerated…
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God As King

There was a time when God was recognized (at least He should have been recognized) as King in ancient Israel. Israel’s form of government has been termed a theocracy.  Boice notes that, “monarchy is a form of government in which rule is in the hands of a single individual, a king. Democracy is government by the demos, or people. Theos means ‘god.’ So, a theocracy is the direct rule of a people by God as king.” Psalms 93 is the…
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Will We Cry Out?

Christ made a dramatic and triumphal entrance into the city of David. His entry was marked by actions and words of exaltation and adoration.  Some spread out their clothes on the street and others covered His path with leaves from trees they had cut down.  He rode on a colt and heard the voices of those who shouted “Hosanna!  Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!” (Mark 11:10). The Pharisees insisted that Jesus rebuke His followers…
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The Integrity Of Uriah

Sometimes the light shines brightest when the darkness seems overwhelming. We have evidence of this in the story of David and Bathsheba.  How many of us have read 2 Samuel 11 and have been disgusted by the darkness of David’s actions? How many of us have taken the time to see the brightness of Uriah’s example in those same events? First, Uriah showed his true character when David brought him home from war. In order to cover up his sin,…
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Distraction, Isolation, and Focus

Hugo Gernsback is known as the “father of science fiction” and an accomplished editor, author, and publisher. Grensback was also famous for his unconventional and eccentric inventions. Two of which were the “Plaslastic Expanso Bag” and the “TinCan-Can” (which I will leave you to research on your own time). And then there was the Isolator. Driven by the rise in workplace distractions in 1925, Grensback offered a solution. “Resembling a large driver’s helmet, the Isolator would block the clickity-clack of…
Fire Background

Faithful in the Fire

When God brought Israel out of Egypt and settled them in Canaan, they were there to be a light to the nations (Isa. 49:6). Once their light was too faint to be seen, He removed them from the land. He did not extinguish the light, but rather He moved it that it might be more visible. The light that should have been burning in Samaria and Jerusalem would now burn in Assyria and Babylon. The book of Daniel is a…
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