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Posts by University Church of Christ (Page 2)

God’s Expectations of Humanity

The topic of pride and humility is often drawn out in just about every book of the Bible. Theses adjectives are typically associated with certain individuals. Depending on the character, this characteristic may be the only trait that some people know them for. One thing that can be noted concerning these two attributes is that they can either lead to someone’s demise or success. They are contrasting characteristics. With that being said, Saul and David are two examples of these…

Blue Bell or Broccoli?

That’s not a tough choice for me. It’s Blue Bell every time. Spinach? Carrots? Artichokes? Get real— who would choose either of them over a bowl of Mocha Almond Fudge? Don’t tell me “they’re good for you,” because I want what I want, and it sure isn’t broccoli! To be perfectly honest, the previous remarks are very close to my true feelings, and that may be obvious to all. While I still may not eat everything I should, I learned…
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Anarchy, Authority, & Ancient Truth

When the core principles of Christianity were revealed, they were revolutionary and progressive. They called for an overthrow of past ideals and the shedding of man-defined morality. Jesus highlighted this dramatic shift in the “you’ve heard it said” sections of the famed Sermon on the Mount recorded in Matthew 5-7. Even the Old Testament prophets foresaw the coming of a King whose kingdom would “crush” all other kingdoms of the world (Dan. 2:44). Yet, Christians are not called to anarchy. …
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Let’s Talk About Race

The greatest appeasement for racial tension and correction for social oppression is found in Jesus and His gospel. Then why, as His church, are we not making a greater difference? I suppose the complete answer is too complicated for one post, but I would offer three suggestions. Why are we failing? How can we do better? Here is some food for thought… We must remember that we are Christians first, but we are not Christians only. Neither our skin color…
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