Delayed Justice

Delayed Justice

“Because the sentence of an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil” (Ec. 8:11).

In these holy words of wisdom, Solomon deals with a problem that has plagued mankind since sin entered the world: the wickedness of their hearts (Mk. 7:21). As a result of the wickedness of men’s hearts, they set their faces to commit sin, and they do so because the sin that they commit is not repaid immediately.

The Bible informs us that the result of sin is death (Rm. 6:23), so why is it that our sins are not immediately repaid? The answer is simply this: our God is merciful and longsuffering (Ps. 86:5). God withholds what is due to us. Because we do not immediately reap what we sow, man in his wickedness has seen fit to acting on their worldly desires, but do not be deceived, the sinful actions of men will not go unpunished if they do not repent (Rm. 2:4-6).

While men are set on evil, we, as the body of Christ should stand out. We should be as far away from sin as possible because we love God and hate that which separates us from Him (Is.59:1-2).

-Brennan Hooper



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