God As King

God As King

There was a time when God was recognized (at least He should have been recognized) as King in ancient Israel. Israel’s form of government has been termed a theocracy.  Boice notes that, “monarchy is a form of government in which rule is in the hands of a single individual, a king. Democracy is government by the demos, or people. Theos means ‘god.’ So, a theocracy is the direct rule of a people by God as king.”

Psalms 93 is the first in a group of 8 Psalms that celebrates God’s role as King, the Sovereign ruler of Israel and the world. It can even be said that this cluster of Psalms sets out to explore the depths of a statement found in Psalm 92: “But You, Lord, are on high forevermore.” What does that mean? What does that look like? How is that possible? All of these questions are answered in the next 87 verses beginning with the entirety of Psalm 93. Take time to read this short Psalm and then continue with the application below.

God’s majesty (v. 1), His power (v. 1), His immutability (v. 2), and His eternality (v. 2) are all highlighted by the inspired poetry of Israel’s earthly king, David. Even when the floods rise and roar, “The Lord who is on high is mightier” (vv. 3-4).

The floods of this Psalm represent any and every distraction that might keep us from seeing and celebrating God’s majestic reign. These distractions include physical, spiritual, fanatical, emotional, or relational problems that are common to all men. We should remember in these times that truly God’s word is true and that His house is holy (v. 5). There is not a single virus, stock market turn, or global pandemic that will change those two facts.

So, when we feel overwhelmed, anxious, and isolated, we should reflect upon the Sovereign rule of God in the world, in the church, and in our personal lives.

– Wayne Jones


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