Godly Leaders

Godly Leaders

Have you ever seen a group of people with no sense of direction? I remember as kids my friends and I would run around our neighborhood building stuff, tearing stuff up, and wreaking havoc on the neighborhood. We had no idea what we were doing but we were having fun. I remember one time in particular, we put together a bunch of bikes. We would take the front tire off of one bike and attach it to the back tire of another bike. One time we had like 8 bikes all strung together and decided to go ride around the neighborhood. I’ll never forget pulling up to my house on this eight-person, homemade bike and my mom saying to us, “What in the world are y’all doing?” We honestly had no answer for that question. We were just riding around with no real end in mind. All following one fearless leader; me.

The need for smart leaders with a vision is vital, or you may find yourself riding an eight-man bike in circles. Leadership is something that the Bible has a lot to say about. In 2 Chronicles 34, we see one of the greatest leaders in the history of God’s people: King Josiah. King Josiah was a guy who exemplified great leadership. In 2 Chronicles 34:3, we see that Josiah was a man who “began to seek God.” This was the reason Josiah was such a great leader. He had a vision, and that vision was in line with God’s vision.

Josiah, in His reign, did some great things:

1. First, he purged the evil from God’s people (2 Chron. 34:3). Josiah knew that if the people were going to be in line with God, they needed to stop practicing what was evil in God’s eyes.

2. Second, he restored the temple to what it was supposed to be (2 Chron. 34:8). Josiah knew that if the people were going to be in line with God, they needed to be people who worshipped God the way that He asked.

3. Third, He restored God’s law among God’s people (2 Chron. 34:31). Josiah knew that if the people were going to be in line with God, they needed to be following all of His laws that He established for them.

Today, we have a need for great leaders in the Lord’s church. We live in a generation of people who want to deviate from God’s vision for His church and do things differently than what God wants. This is why we need great leaders who have the same vision that God has. We need to work to establish leaders like Josiah; leaders who seek God. My fear is that, if we fail to establish leaders like Josiah, we will be caught off guard by the question, “What in the world are y’all doing” when Jesus returns and sees what we’ve done to lead His church. Take care to establish great leaders who have the same vision as God’s vision.

-Kolton Ballance


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