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We have great news! Our Sunday meeting times have returned to normal. Each Sunday we will meet for worship at 10 AM (with some distancing procedures still in place) There will also be an auditorium Bible class offered at 5 PM. In the near future, there will be details about other classes and Wednesday meeting opportunities.


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Finishing Well

Never has there been a story that started with such promise but ended so tragically. Its details are rehearsed in Bible classes and pulpits every Sunday. It began with 60,000 men (plus women and children) marching by tribe carrying their deceased (Exodus 13:19) and riches from their former lives (Exodus 12:36). They were protected, guided, and fed, by God and they even sang a song of thanksgiving and praise (Exodus 15:1-21). However, their story ended in ruin, failure, and defeat.…

Destructive Dogs and Anxious Hearts

Some of you may have met our dog, Presley. If you have met him, I will just say that I’m sorry. He loves all people but sometimes shows his love in very painful ways. He’s just about the picture-perfect mutt and we only know of him having German Shepherd and Husky in him. As it turns out, however, both of those breeds of dogs are known for having what you would call “separation anxiety.” Meaning that when their owners are…
empty parking lots

Parking Lot Lights & A Public Concern

Last Wednesday evening I was privileged to speak at the Lake Country congregation in Marble Falls, TX. The invitation was refreshing, and the visit was encouraging because it was the first like it, this summer. There have been no camps, no mission trips, and no summer series (until last Wednesday anyway). In a time of the year when we are usually the busiest, in many respects, life as normal has come to a halt. Then we drove home pulling into…
Christian book

Our High Priest

In Hebrews 8:1, the writer there says, “Now this is the main point of the things that we are saying…” This is a strangely convenient sentence when dealing with what the main subject matter of the book of Hebrews is that you do not often get in the books of the New Testament. He then proceeds to tell us what that main point is. He continues, saying, “…we have such a High Priest who is seated at the right hand…