Inexpensive But Invaluable

Inexpensive But Invaluable

I once heard a preacher say that his wife liked going to a coffee shop to drink coffee because, “she believes that coffee taste better if it costs $5 a cup.” It may not be true, but sometimes we consider something to be better or more valuable simply because of the price tag that is bears. This disposition might lead us to discount things that are discounted. We might miss the value of the inexpensive. In hopes of safeguarding us against such miscalculations, consider some things that are inexpensive, but valuable. It is my prayer that just doing a few of these things each day will show spirit of Christ to a world who desperately needs Him more than ever.

• A shoulder to cry on when tragedy strikes

A friendly hug what reassures a troubled heart

• The benefit of the doubt when others have already jump to conclusions

• A word of reproof when someone’s actions are foolish

• A soft answer in the face of irrational opposition

• Turning the other cheek and going the extra mile

• An invitation to pray when someone is unsure about a decision

• Attention given to a child by an older member of the body of Christ

• A friendly smile for those you pass on the street from day to day

• An attitude of forgiveness toward someone who hasn’t asked for it

• Physical presence with someone who is facing loss

• Words of affirmation for those seeking acceptance

• Unashamed support of truth when others have compromised

• Laughter, friendship, and enthusiasm

• Honesty when it is neither easy nor painless

• Loyal friendship

• A sympathetic ear to someone struggling when if I don’t understand the struggle

• Decisions that highlight the example of Jesus

• Companionship for those who have been marginalized


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