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No matter what stage of life you are in, we have a place for you here!

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Meals for Members

Our members love to prepare meals for families that need them due to sickness, surgeries, deaths or emergencies.
Multinational group of cheerful students studying in the university library.

McCarty Student Center

Building Spiritual Foundations As young people leave their homes for the first time to come to college, they are faced with worldly bombardments. Colleges and Universities are ripe with atheism, humanism, evolution, postmodernism, moral decay, and false religious teaching. The McCarty Student Center seeks to help college students and other interested young people gain their own spiritual footing. Weekly Bible classes, devotionals, personal studies, semester retreats, an on-site campus minister, and Christian friends serve to strengthen the faith of young…

Prom Alternative

Every year, millions of high school students across the nation gather together with their classmates in a social event known as the prom. Usually, the students will get dressed up, go to dinner together, and then meet at a venue, where, traditionally, a dance is held. As Christians we can find nothing wrong, scripturally speaking, with an evening of fun for high school students. Additionally, there is something to be said for our young people sitting around a dinner table…


We have an active support program for children ages newborn – 6th grade. Weekly Bible classes and events help raise them up in the admonition of the Lord.


We seek to be prepared to help those in need through a well-stocked clothing room and pantry. The congregation seeks to be sensitive to the material and spiritual needs of people.

World Video Bible School

DVDs and CDs of good biblical teaching are sent to many places throughout the world through World Video Bible School, located in Maxwell, TX.

Silver Saints

Silver Saints is a ministry designed to strengthen and support those within the congregation who have attained senior citizen status.  This group offers social and spiritual interaction on a regular basis and seeks to do good deeds where needed.  One noteworthy activity is to recognize ninetieth birthdays in a truly celebratory manner. Those who make up the Silver Saints are not retired Christians; they are instead loving souls whose wish it is that life experiences gained through the years might be of…

Young Professionals

OUT OF COLLEGE BUT DON’T HAVE A YOUNG FAMILY? Many individuals have lamented over the years that, upon graduation from college, it is difficult to find your place in the church. After spending years in a youth program, or a campus ministry program, upon graduation, newly graduated individuals can’t seem to figure out where they fit in. They look around them and see many similarly aged individuals that have already found a spouse, and may even already have children. Because…

Ladies’ Bible Classes

There are several opportunities for women to engage in serious study of the word of God and in prayer together. A regular Tuesday ladies class on Tuesdays at 10am (September-April), and special programs/classes/events are scheduled often for ladies to study and grow closer together.


Bible classes from cradle roll through adults encourage all to “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18).
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