Focal Point

Focal Point

Focal Point 2023 is scheduled for May 6-11, 2023

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2023 Schedule

Focal Point Preachers’ Workshop began in April of 2009 and is purposed to fill a need in the Central Texas area for the edification, education, and encouragement of those dedicated to Bible study, ministry, and the future of the Lord’s church. This program is a workshop aimed at encouraging and strengthening those who preach the Gospel and others who have made the work of the church a priority in their lives. What began with approximately 35 preachers and a couple of classrooms has turned into an average of over 350 attendees each year.

Focal Point began as, and reminds at its core, a preacher’s workshop.  Our aim is to exalt Christ in the minds and hearts of those who have committed themselves to preaching Him to all the world.  By addressing the challenges today’s preachers face, we hope to further prepare men for the ministry and to lift up those who may be discouraged. The schedule should reflect a mixture of cultural concerns, in-depth studies, and practical “how-to” sessions that should help any local preacher.  Our intention has not been to recycle the same lectureship style setting that has been used for years. While those programs still have a valuable place in the education of church members, our hope was to create a classroom feel. With a classroom setting, Focal Point is designed to provide Biblical insight combined with practical application. Our focus is on Jesus and our aim is to strengthen His church.

Just because preachers and ministers are our target audience, that does not mean that this isn’t something for everyone. Each year the program is designed to equip every child of God for greater service. We understand the importance of leadership, partnership, and the future. Thus, there are lessons Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday during each workshop that are dedicated to all who take an active role in the local church.

One of the greatest blessings of attending Focal Point is getting to meet the generous, hard-working members of the University church of Christ. It might sound trite, but this is a team effort that requires labor and sacrifice from the congregation as a whole. The brethren here always go above and beyond the call of duty. There is no registration fee and lunch is provided Monday-Wednesday. Donuts and coffee are provided each weekday morning by the McCarty Student Center. Snacks such as soft drinks, water bottles, chips, crackers, etc. are provided through the workshop.

Over the years, it has become a homecoming week for members, attendees, and speakers. We would love for you to become a part of this yearly event.

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