McCarty Student Center

McCarty Student Center

Building Spiritual Foundations

As young people leave their homes for the first time to come to college, they are faced with worldly bombardments. Colleges and Universities are ripe with atheism, humanism, evolution, postmodernism, moral decay, and false religious teaching. The McCarty Student Center seeks to help college students and other interested young people gain their own spiritual footing. Weekly Bible classes, devotionals, personal studies, semester retreats, an on-site campus minister, and Christian friends serve to strengthen the faith of young Christians. Also, the service opportunities afforded individuals at McCarty through mission trips, service projects, and student-led events, allow young Christians to put their faith into action.

Forming Lasting Bonds

Friendships made during college years and early adulthood often extend well into and throughout our lives. The McCarty Student Center enables and encourages spiritually-minded individuals to meet, become acquainted, and develop real, meaningful friendships. Over the years many of those friendships have grown into husband-wife relationships. These were and are the beginnings of new Christian families. The Christian home is the foundation of good churches and good communities. It is the aim of McCarty to foster personal bonds that last throughout this life. Hopefully, the friendships that are forged in these formative years will encourage and strengthen Christians now and last into eternity.

About Us

College is an exciting time in a person’s life. It is the beginning of your life out on your own, facing the new experiences and challenges of adult life. There are choices that have to be made to follow one’s faith and stay on the path of Jesus Christ. It’s also the time when your faith becomes your own. The McCarty Student Center offers you the support and guidance needed to make these choices. With Bible studies and group activities, you can participate in an environment that encourages growth in Christian principles, knowledge, as well as making a lifetime of friends and memories.

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