The Integrity Of Uriah

The Integrity Of Uriah

Sometimes the light shines brightest when the darkness seems overwhelming. We have evidence of this in the story of David and Bathsheba.  How many of us have read 2 Samuel 11 and have been disgusted by the darkness of David’s actions? How many of us have taken the time to see the brightness of Uriah’s example in those same events?

First, Uriah showed his true character when David brought him home from war. In order to cover up his sin, David brought Uriah home to be with Bathsheba. David hoped that the kingdom would assume that Bathsheba was impregnated by her husband while he was on leave from the army. David never guessed that Uriah would refuse to enjoy the benefits of married life while his fellow soldiers were off at war (2 Sam. 11:11). What integrity!

Second, Uriah demonstrated restraint and integrity when David sent him back to the battle. You might remember that David decided to have Joab put Uriah on the front lines and draw back. How did David get those plans to Joab? Uriah served as a courier. Do you suppose that there was a temptation to open the letter and read its contents? On this occasion, curiosity could have saved Uriah’s life, but Uriah was a man of integrity. David was well aware of this fact or else he would have never sent the death order by Uriah’s own hand.

The sin of David as recorded in 2 Samuel 11 is both appalling and despicable. On the other hand, the leadership integrity of Uriah is both refreshing and honorable. May we learn how to deal with life’s everyday matters by the example of Uriah – a man of great integrity.


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